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Dump the Hard Sell – Engage Your Readers

If you approach social media like a neon billboard, advertising your latest publishing endeavor, you may have missed the mark. While social media is great for establishing your brand, it is not the place to hard-sell a book. The general approach is to follow an 80/20 rule, with only 20% of your social media content focused on pitching your book. Ditch the used-car sales tactics and focus instead on entertaining, educating, and engaging your audience.


Why Use Social Media?
If you want to reach people, social media is the way. Many of us interact through Facebook and Twitter countless times a day. It is how many people get their daily news. Social media allows you instant contact with your readers, which is why a strategic plan for its use is essential.


To successfully reach your audience, focus on these elements:

1) Communication—Be open to starting conversations with your readers. Answer questions and discuss topics that interest them.
2) Accessibility—Show that you actively participate on social media sites. Respond to questions or comments in a timely manner. Establish a regular schedule for posting content.
3) Education and entertainment—Create informative content about your book or its subject matter that will pique your readers’ interest. Find a happy balance between visual posts (photos and videos) and entertaining stories.
4) Staying relevant—Keep your posts and event calendar up to date. Invite readers to join you for upcoming events such as book signings, interviews, and conferences.


Don’t Just Share; Engage!
Getting your content seen and shared by as many people as possible is the goal of social media. To meet this goal, you need to engage readers with creative content and intriguing posts. Ask questions, conduct surveys, and solicit opinions so you can understand your audience. Remember that conversations are a two-way street, so be prepared to answer a few personal questions yourself.


Content Is King
Strive for quality content that informs as well as entertains. It should be something readers want to share because it is unique and intriguing. Don’t overload your audience with constant posts. Come up with a strategic plan for what you want to share and when. It may help to remember that the best days for sharing Facebook posts are Mondays and Tuesdays.


Be Special
Make your social media sites special by “leaking” tidbits about your work. Share interesting information about your book’s characters or subject matter that can’t be found anywhere else. The consummate pro to emmulate is J.K Rowling, who takes the time to answer readers’ questions and explain the smallest details about her characters.


Connect with Your Readers Through Social Media
Although you want to sell as many copies of your new book as possible, having a long and fruitful career as an author is the real end game. Constantly pitching a book on your Facebook page or Twitter feed will only cause followers to flee in droves. Instead, use social media to invite readers along on your writing adventures. Who knows, it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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