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Social Media Campaign: $599

Dog Ear Publishing wants you to be a social media standout. Facebook and Twitter have dramatically changed the way people communicate. As social media participation continues to grow (1 billion + users), so too will marketers’ ability to reach larger and larger groups of would-be buyers based on interests, geography, affiliations, etc. Facebook and Twitter make it easier than ever before to share a message with a large group of people, and do so without a massive marketing budget.

The service includes:

  • Social Media Questionnaire designed to help us better develop your online persona/brand
  • Custom Setup of Facebook account
  • Custom Setup of Twitter account
  • Two free rounds of revisions to your online profiles (with input from our experts)
  • Social Media Calendar providing ideas and cadence for online interactions through each platform
  • Step-by-Step Curriculum on Social Media basics and Advanced Tips for more sophisticated users
  • Seeding of content (taken from author's book) set to populate through social media platforms.
  • Full integration of social media platforms on Author's Dog Ear SEO Web site with blog.*

*Dog Ear Publishing SEO Web site with blog sold separately.

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