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Cost: $399

Writing is hard.

No one ever tells you that before you start. No one tells you about all the editing, the tossing and turning over ideas and scrapping of pages, the rejection from editors, the cost of publishing, the fact that you will be doing most of your own leg work if you actually want your book out in the world, and your ideas shared with the public.

That’s why Dog Ear is here to help you. We know self-publishing comes with its challenges, and in a world that is increasingly digital, book sales are no longer a door-to-door endeavor. But you’re an author, not a marketer!

We know.

That’s why we’ve crafted Facebook Paid Advertising Development Program - to help you get your online presence off the ground and generating book sales.

We will help you craft specific advertisements for your Facebook author page, and curate content that is catchy, original, and unique to your style. We will help you not only increase engagement on your page, and traffic to your website, but also help you grow a much larger, dedicated audience, available at your fingertips, every time you open your Facebook account.

Some background:

With an advertising budget of only $150 for 30 days, previous ad campaigns we’ve run for clients have resulted in 5,000 to 10,000 impressions (which means that many people are being exposed to your name and your work!) with 200-350 new followers* per month (results with ads improve over time, the first month typically having slightly lower results than consecutive months as ads gains traction. So a longer time commitment will result in ongoing growth at a lower cost-per-follower).

Here is an example of one of our ad campaigns, and its results over 30 days.

As you can see from the above images, this 45 day campaign resulted in over 20,000 people reached and generated 1,200 additional "Likes" to the author's page.

When you increase your audience on Facebook, you are growing your fan-base, expanding your reach, and investing in your future. Every time you produce a new work, this audience will be there to enjoy, read, and share what you create. Join us! It’s time to share your work with the world!.

“The statistics are fantastic - more than 16,000 viewers and now I have 950 more friends as well. Thank you for a job well done.”

The Facebook Advertising Development Program includes the following services:

  • Advertising Account Setup
  • Creation of author / book Page on Facebook
  • Develop and produce advertising creative
  • Develop and setup advertising campaign
  • Collate and return to author a results summary after the initial 30 days

Additional Requirements:
*Dog Ear requires an advertising budget of $150 for the initial 30 day period. This fee will be paid directly to Facebook.

Looking for MORE sophisticated social media / Facebook management? Already have a basic campaign in place and want to discover how to fully use the power of Facebook to sell your books? Check out our FULLY MANAGED Facebook / Social Media service HERE.

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