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Dog Ear is committed to making publishing as accessible as possible for our authors. We make every effort to keep costs low. Our distribution partners require a fee for books to remain available to the market after the first twelve months of publication. Dog Ear assesses this Market Access Fee for books that have been in the market for more than twelve months. The fee will be charged on a yearly basis, on the anniversary of a book’s “Press Date”.

This fee will apply to each version of the book being listed for sale through Dog Ear Publishing (with the exception of e-books - all the e-book formats count as only a single ‘version’)

For example, a paperback, an hardcover, and our e-book suite (all 4 major formats of e-book) would have a Market Access Fee of $60 ($20 X 3).

Authors will receive a email with the renewal notice prior to the fee being charged to the credit card we have on file.

The fee is $20, and entitles an author to a number of services. These are referred to as our Market Access Agreement. The follow services are provided:

  1. Access to our wholesale and retail distribution systems, making the book available via retail and wholesale accounts like Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Ingram, and thousands of retail outlets around the world.
  2. Access to our print-on-demand systems, enabling authors to order copies of their book, via the Author Project System.
  3. Availability of the book through the Dog Ear Publishing website and (if part of the purchased publishing package) the author website.
  4. Detailed title listing in all daily catalog updates that Dog Ear Publishing delivers to our US distribution partners (e.g Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.).
  5. Detailed title listing in all daily catalog updates that Dog Ear Publishing delivers to our International distribution partners (e.g Amazon UK, Whitakers / Bookdata, Gardners, etc.).
  6. Title meta data inclusion in our enhanced bibliographic catalog feed.
  7. Cover image preparation and inclusion in our enhanced bibliographic catalog feed.
  8. Storage and backup of the book print files and bibliographic data.
  9. Price and discount maintenance for any author price changes.

The Market Access Fee will be charged automatically to the credit card we have on file, and is required for books to remain active in our title catalog and distribution systems.

Before the Market Access Agreement renewal date passes, authors have two options:

1) Automatically Renew - Keep the book with Dog Ear by renewing the Market Access Agreement for a period of 12 months. The charge for this service is $20, and we will create an invoice in the Author Project System for this amount. We will automatically process the $20 payment on the renewal date. Authors may also process this invoice via the Author Project System.

For this option, authors do not need to do anything additional. The invoice will automatically be processed on the renewal date.

IMPORTANT: If the credit card we have associated with the account has expired or been closed, or we do NOT have a credit card on file, we cannot automatically process the invoice. This may result in the cancellation of services. To review and update credit card information, authors should log in to their Author

2) Cancel  - Authors will need to contact us to CANCEL the Market Access Agreement.

We will remove the book from our active title catalog, and from our distribution systems. The book will most likely remain visible on the various retail websites, but no additional inventory will be printed and it will not be available for authors to order copies of their book.

If an author fails to notify us of the desire to cancel, the agreement will automatically be renewed.