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The website Dog Ear made for me is nothing short of fantastic. It's sleek, easy to navigate, and gives a wonderful platform for me to promote my book.
Mary Ann Hart Author of "Mary Ann's Mountain"

A book without a website is...well, a book without a voice. Book marketing is integrally tied to the web - it's how nearly EVERYONE searches for information, as well as books on a specific interest and topic. For your book to succeed you MUST have a website as part of your book marketing efforts.

In this age of social media,  a website is more important than ever. Websites play a vital role in the way readers discover new books. An author's Facebook and Twitter accounts must have a 'base' from which interested readers can discover more about the book and the author. A website can provide a high-ranking natural listing in Google when the author's name or book title is searched. This simple fact alone would be enough reason to create a website. A website provides an author with a static platform from which targeted, effective messages can be crafted and delivered.

Book-O-Mart Website: $695

Dog Ear created this website design as the premier book-selling tool for self published authors. Discover for yourself how Book-O-Mart adds bigger profits, greater control, and more satisfaction with each and every sale of your book. This is the type of website included in our Pro-Digital, Masterpiece, and Ultimate Publishing Packages.

Example Book-O-Mart websites:

  • "Teach Your Child to Read in Less Than 10 Minutes A Day!" by Amanda Lowe presents parents and educators with a proven and reliable method of teaching young children of all abilities to read (a great example of an author using her blog)
  • "Mary Ann's Mountain" by Mary Ann Rose Hart is a wonderful children's story (and another great example of an author using her marketing tools, and an amazing Amazon listing that was optimized using our Amazon Optimization Program)
  • "What a Man Really Wants to Say About Relationships" by J. Riggins
  • "The Inheritance" by George E. Smith
  • "Lessons from Neverland" by Melissa Hull Gallemore
  • "Inner Peace Outer Abundance" by Kim Ha Campbell
  • "General Zoology: Investigating the Animal World" by Dennis Holley is an older example of a highly customized multi-book site. It includes a great number of resources for readers including a lab manual (a second stand-alone book promoted on the site). This textbook is designed as a one-term introductory college zoology course. The author extensively utilizes his blog and allows readers to download excerpts as PDF files.

Standard Website: $495

Dog Ear Publishing's basic author websites include all the important information about the book and the author. Our sites also include a professional-grade content management system (CMS) so that authors have access to updating the site's content.

Example Standard websites:

Coming soon...

Open-For-Business Website: $343

The Open-For-Business website is a single-page storefront site with a higher-profit author shopping cart (when compared to standard distribution sales).

Example Open-For-Business websites:

  • "Relentless Pursuit" by Charles Guess
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