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AUTHOR KIT - Using Images & Photos

Using Images, Photos, and Screen Captures

Images & Your Manuscript

Images and artwork are of course an essential part of many books. Self-published books aren't an exception. We can publish a book with images and artwork just as easily as a book without. But there are a few requirements that make the process much smoother.

Don't embed your art - use art references.

For example, don't paste "picture01.jpg" into the manuscript, but put a simple directive like this: [Insert picture01.jpg here] - and our design team will find that reference and insert the art. Make sure you use the FILE NAME of the piece of art - otherwise we can't find it.


Please place the caption immediately below the directive to insert the image. Place this text at the beginning of the line - [CAPTION]

For Example - your manuscript with an image and caption would look like this:

[INSERT picture01.jpg here]
[CAPTION] The world's largest cheese wheel.


If you are using color in your files, contact your Author Representative who can give you additional guidelines for setting up color. We can produce black-and-white books from color images, but there are things that we need to discuss.

Art & Images

Most scanners produce very acceptable images - when scanning, please make sure to scan your art to the final size you would like it placed at in your book (note this is not the trim size of your book). If we have to resize art here at Dog Ear you may be charged an additional fee.

All art should be at a resolution of at least 300 d.p.i. AT THE SIZE YOU WANT USED IN YOUR BOOK; screenshots can be at monitor resolution (72 dpi).

Scans should be produced as 'grayscale' unless you are producing a full-color book.

Image files should be saved as JPG, TIFF or EPS. Do NOT send application files such as .AI .PSD or any other format unless you have specifically addressed the issue with one of our team members and have an email outlining the steps you should take.

Please note that GIF files are NOT acceptable for any of our print products - this format is designed for the web.

Rendered Art

The following software packages will produce excellent quality art files. Regardless of which software package you use, submit sample files early for testing. If you would like to use a package not on this list, contact your Author Representative.

IMPORTANT: Avoid using PowerPoint and Microsoft Word’s art tools. These tools do not produce usable files.

The following software packages produce acceptable art:

  1. Adobe Illustrator from Adobe is the preferred software for producing high-quality printable art.
  2. Visio from Microsoft
  3. CorelDraw from Corel
  4. Adobe Photoshop

IMPORTANT: Never embed your art in another program. Always supply the native files.