Dog Ear Publishing


Dog Ear Publishing offers a wide variety of publishing services to build and distribute truly custom books that are as good as or better than any other book you see on the shelves of your local bookstore. All of our publishing packages include custom designed cover and interior, ISBN, LCCN, barcode, full distribution, 5 complimentary books and a variety of tools to raise awareness for your book in the marketplace.

Self Publishing has never been easier, faster or more profitable.

Dog Ear Publishing is a leading provider of publishing services and has been referred to by Writer’s Digest as a “GET SMART” choice for writers deciding to publish independently. Mark Levine, author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing describes Dog Ear as “one of the best” and goes on to say that we have “created a company with an affinity for writers…”

All of us at Dog Ear Publishing are here to be your guides through the process of publishing your book. We can make recommendations, offer comments, suggest alternatives, even critique if you want - but first and foremost YOU are in control. We don't "own" anything you've produced. YOU retain ALL rights. And YOU make all the choices about your book (unless you want us to), from start to finish.

We won't pretend to know more about your book than you do, we won't think ANY of your ideas are silly or impossible, and we won't criticize you for being enthusiastic about your creative effort. We WILL be absolutely, positively, completely THRILLED to be working with you. We hope our enthusiasm for making great books will make the process fun and rewarding. After all, that’s what it's all about!

We are a leader in our industry and produce cookbooks, children's books, trade fiction, self-help, historical works, textbooks and every genre in-between. Together with print on demand technology, Dog Ear Publishing aims to bring the joy of self-publishing to all writers!

To discover what we can teach you about how to publish a book or if you are ready to begin your self-publishing journey - read on through our site and services. We are glad you're here!