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Tate Publishing Stops Accepting New Authors / Offers Existing Authors Release From Contract

Tate Publishing (Mustang, OK) appears to be leaving the self publishing space and closing its doors. The Tate Publishing website was offline the evening of Wednesday, January 18 and as of Thursday the Tate Publishing website had an announcement stating that they were no longer accepting new artists. Calling the Tate Publishing phone number resulted in a recorded message redirecting callers to the Tate Publishing website.

Any time a publishing company closes, authors find themselves stuck in a limbo of publishing confusion. Tate Publishing closing would leave thousands of authors without a home and without any ability to order books, or even profit from retail sales that may still occur. The NewsOK website had an extensive article on the closing of Tate Publishing, noting in an interview with Ryan Tate that the business would only remain open long enough for currently contracted authors to find new homes.

Tate Publishing is offering authors an opportunity to purchase their production files - the files needed to move a book to another publisher.

Dog Ear Publishing can help ANY Tate Publishing author re-release their book into the market both quickly and economically.

If you are a Tate Publishing author interested in moving your book.