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Author Kit

AUTHOR KIT - Submission Checklist

Author Material Submissions Checklist

(Please note that we cannot begin working on your book without complete submission of materials - Cover, Interior, and your payment arrangements)

Step 1

Make sure that your manuscript meets our publishing requirements - this is fairly easy, but read through the instructions for how to format your manuscript. Proofread your manuscript - unless you are contracting Proofreading or Editorial services, it should be free from any obvious errors.

Step 2

Set up your book for electronic submission. We prefer via email or FTP, but you may submit on CD, DVD, or flash drive. Please submit your entire book in a single word processing file, preferably Microsoft Word (any version, either PC or Macintosh). If you use another word processor, please save your file as any Word format, or as an RTF file. Do not save your file as ASCII or text-only (all your formatting will be lost). Label any CDs, DVDs, or flash drive with your name, telephone number, and the title of your book. Please pack your disks inside protective wrapping or a disk mailer to ensure that they will arrive in usable condition, and NEVER send the only copy of your book. CDs, DVDs and/or flash drives will not be returned.

Step 3

Create the following documents:

Author's Biography
Up to 450 words - but the first 150 have to stand by themselves as a short, one-paragraph description of yourself that will appear on the back cover of your book. The remainder of the 450 words - A longer description of yourself or a message to your readers. It will appear on the author book page that readers view when they click on your name within the Dog Ear Publishing Web site.

Book Summary
Up to 450 words - and again, the first 150 must be able to stand by themselves as a short, one-paragraph description of your book that appears on the back cover of your book and with your book listing on the Dog Ear Web site. The remainder of the 450 words is where you can REALLY provide a great description of your book. This content will appears on your book's page on the Dog Ear Web site and will be accessed by Internet Search Engines.

Cover Concept
All of our packages include custom cover design. We create the best possible book cover design when you help us understand what you want by sending along your ideas. You can list titles (let us know their ISBNs) that you think represent your topic or ideas well - and we'll use these to give our design team an idea of what you are looking for in a book cover. We also have a relationship with an art, illustration, and photography site where you can research imagery for your cover.

Creating your book cover design concept can be challenging, so read through our Book Cover Concept directions for some insight on what to provide.

Step 4

Prepare your images either as electronic files or hard-copy; please be advised: don't send your only copy or rare originals. Digital images can be sent via email, FTP, CD, DVD, or flash drive and should have an image resolution of 300 dpi or better. File types can be JPG, EPS or TIF. If images are to be included throughout your book, make sure you have carefully identified the locations in the text where they are to be placed. Do not embed (paste) images into your manuscript (see instructions for how to format your manuscript for details on inserting image references.)

Step 5

Read the Author Contract.