Dog Ear Publishing

About Dog Ear

Founded in October, Dog Ear Publishing is the result of a beautiful collaboration between 3 veterans of the traditional publishing industry. Their combined 55+ years of traditional publishing experience brought Dog Ear to life with a unique perspective on the industry that competitors just don’t have and cannot buy. Meet the Staff

The Best of Traditional Publishing, Reimagined for the Modern Author

In the ever-changing world of book publishing, Dog Ear Publishing offers something incredibly dynamic to authors looking to self-publish. Together, they have assembled a responsive team of editors, book designers, layout technicians and book marketers ready to guide you through the Dog Ear self-publishing process with expert recommendations, package options, editorial services, exclusive online articles and other resources. Dog Ear’s commitment, coupled with the generous profit structure, low per unit print prices and contract terms afforded to Dog Ear authors adds up to the best services in the self-publishing industry. What’s more, Dog Ear gives you a truly remarkable experience: everything you need to give your book the best chance to succeed.

Keys to Self-Publishing Success

The Dog Ear team feels strongly that authors need to know how to compare apples to apples when reviewing self-publishing companies:

  • How much it will really cost to produce my book?
  • What is the profit I keep from book sales?
  • What credentials and experience does my publishing team have?
  • Can I get someone on the phone when I call? Will they know anything about my book?

When an author takes all of this into consideration, Dog Ear wins every time.

Dog Ear is changing the world of publishing by empowering authors to publish their books themselves with complete editorial and copyright control.