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Introducing The Editor’s Corner Podcast

The popularity of podcasts has taken off in recent years. Many listeners love the way they seamlessly fit into their busy schedules. Informative and entertaining, there’s a podcast on every topic under the sun, even self-publishing. From industry trends to style tips, podcasts are a great resource for writers looking to stay informed.

Top 10 Writers Podcasts Plus 1: Introducing The Editor’s Corner Podcast

Listed below in alphabetical order are 10 of the top podcasts for indie authors, plus one.

Do you know that Dog Ear Publishing is now producing a podcast for writers? The Editor’s Corner Podcast explores the writing and editing side of the indie self publishing industry and features advice from our resident experts, editors Stephanie Stringham and Angela Wade. Whether you are a first-time author or a seasoned pro, our podcast series has something for everyone. Listen in and let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, which podcast will enhance your writing and publishing plans?

  • The Author’s Hangout – Brought to you by com, this podcast focuses on helping writers sell their books. A variety of publishing experts weigh in on the crucial role marketing plays in becoming a successful author. Their no-nonsense tips will inspire you to kick your efforts up a notch.
  • Author Marketing Institute Podcast – Author Jim Kukral focuses his series on helping indie writers find the best ways to sell books. From helpful tips and encouragement to the latest industry news, Kukral’s to-the-point style makes it a favorite with authors.
  • Authority Self-Publishing Podcast – Self-published authors Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport along with marketing guru Ron Clendenin inspire indie authors to create a business around their writing. Topics discussed range from establishing good writing habits to becoming a productive and savvy business person.
  • Beautiful Writer’s Podcast – If you ever wanted to sit down with your favorite author and pick their brain, this monthly podcast is for you. Author Linda Siversten engages some of today’s best-loved authors in a thought-provoking discussion about writing, publishing and the art of the deal.
  • The Creative Penn – Author Joanna Penn fills her successful weekly podcast with everything from writing tips to how to navigate the self-publishing world - a valuable resource for the writer just beginning their research into publishing. Her interviews with industry experts and other successful authors cover a broad spectrum of information.
  • Grammar Girl – People enjoy this podcast, whether they’re a writer or not. Billed as “a friendly guide to the world of grammar and punctuation,” host Mignon Fogarty introduces listeners to useful and interesting information about grammar, word choice, usage and writing styles. These two-to-seven-minute podcasts fit easily into a busy schedule and are a quick refresher course for everyone.
  • Read to Lead Podcast – Former broadcaster Jeff Brown gives advice on how authors can improve their podcasts. He takes an in-depth look at how to improve their leadership, productivity and entrepreneurial skills. Ranked in the top 10 business podcasts and the top 3 career podcasts on iTunes, this series is a must for authors striving to improve their brand’s reach.
  • Sell More Books Show – As the title suggests, this podcast focuses on finding new and creative ways to market books. Hosts Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen give authors the latest industry news, writing tools and marketing strategies to help them sell, sell, sell.
  • Writing Excuses – Described as “a fast-paced, educational podcast for writers, by writers, this podcast is hosted by a rotating panel of award-winning authors, including the “Core Crew” Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal and Howard Tayler, who strive to educate authors on the joys and pitfalls of the writing experience.
  • Writer 2.0 w/ A.C. Fuller – Author C. Fuller interviews best-selling authors from both the traditional and self-publishing world. He often speaks with industry experts like editors, literary agents and journalists to gain their insight into what writers face in the publishing arena.

Insightful, Fun Listening – Podcasts Have a Lot to Offer

Find a podcast that suits your busy lifestyle and tune-in. Fill those wasted minutes sitting in traffic with some of these informative series. They are an entertaining way to improve your writing skills and to learn more about the publishing industry. Soon, you may be inspired to start your own podcast. We will be listening!

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