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Write, publish, and launch a best-selling book. What could be easier, right? Most writers don’t realize that the process of marketing a book starts during the early stages of writing and never really ends. Properly planning a successful launch requires that you ask yourself some tough, thought-provoking questions about your dedication to the craft. The answers will determine your commitment as an author and whether your book launch will prosper.

  1. Are you a writer or an author?

How do you envision your career? Do you write solely for pleasure or are you an author who writes to earn a living? Writing can be either a hobby or a business. It cannot be both. Being an author requires spending time marketing and organizing events to sell your book. Ask yourself, what is my goal in writing? If it is to share your work with others, then marketing and selling your book is part of achieving that goal.


  1. Do you know your core audience?

You answered this question when determining the genre you want to pursue. Now take it a step further. To know your audience, profile the typical reader you wish to attract. Break it down to specifics likes sex, age, and educational level. Develop a clear picture of your key reader. Focus your marketing efforts on the best outlets to reach these individuals.


  1. What are your marketing goals?

Before pursuing your world domination, why not start small and grow your fan base? This is where you sit down, lose the celebrity-author fantasy, and define a realistic marketing strategy. Give yourself the greatest opportunities to sell your book by participating in events that attract your core audience. Map out specific ways to connect with your readers. Clear marketing goals will save you from disappointing sales results.


  1. How committed are you?

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to marketing your book. Are you willing to put in the time needed to reach your readers? Determine how much time you can devote to promoting and selling your work. Commit to a set number of hours or events each week and add more when you see your schedule will allow it.


  1. Is your marketing budget realistic?

Early in your writing process, you set up an initial budget for publishing and promoting your book. Now that your book is published, review that budget. Is the money allocated realistically? Do you need to move things around? Answering the questions above affects the budget breakdown and where you spend your funds. Your focused marketing approach may mean promoting more on Facebook and social media than on other traditional outlets.

Transition from Writer to Entrepreneur

Everyone has a moment when they step back and assess The Big Picture. While you were writing, the picture was mostly about getting over the fear of the blank page. your focus shifts to one of an author armed with a marketing plan to sell books. Asking these tough questions will help you transition from writer to entrepreneur and achieve the successful book launch you desire.


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