Delve into the World of Miracles with New Book by Judith McCrodden

By:    |   Published July 6
Dog Ear Publishing releases “Miracles Come Large and Small” by Judith McCrodden.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Miracles Come Large and Small” by Judith McCrodden.

Author Judith McCrodden shares her experiences with the spirit world and God-inspired miracles in her new book, released by Dog Ear Publishing.

Miracles appear when they are least expected to. Readers get an undeniable sense of the spirits that work in the world and the importance of faith.

In this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing, Judith McCrodden presents a series of stories about miracles.

Miracles Come Large and Small is not a prayer book by any means. But it is Inspirational, Motivational, Conversational and Spooky.

In my new book you will learn many things about my family and I and the challenges that we have faced head on since moving here.

Inspirational: I decided I wanted to write a book, but what did I know about that people would want to read? I was inspired by the house I now live in to create my first book Spirit Central Awaits Us.

Motivational: When my roller coaster of life started hitting the curves I was having a hard time holding on. I had problems coming at me from all angles. This motivated me to start Miracles Come Large and Small; especially when a large pine tree fell over and slammed onto the roof of my all glass sun room during the ice storm of December.

Conversational: As the years went on many changes were taking place in the world as my children were growing up, we were now having conversations about, politics, economics, movies, music, colleges and so many other topics.

As for the Spooky part, well I’ll give you a tidbit. The book’s stories range from the sweet – a beautiful flower suddenly being flicked from a large flower arrangement at the foot of my mother’s coffin and nearly into my lap – to the sentimental – memories shared from the neighborhood I grew up in. My friends and family share their own stories of miracles with you.

What happens from this point on you will have to read the book to find out. I left many things out of my first book because I didn’t know if there would be a second book. I don’t write my books, my life does, I don’t rush my life I just document it as it goes along. This book was written with many people involved so it has some interesting twists and turns to it. So hold on.

I will now ask my final question.

Care to join me?


Miracles Come Large and Small

Judith McCrodden

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-3065-4                        212 pages                        $15.95 US

Available through Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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