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Dark Betrayal

Lisa Seidel

Pages: 170
ISBN: 978-145756-921-0
List Price: 14.95
Category: Inspirational
Available: May
Edition: Perfectbound

You have this dream that one day you will meet this wonderful person and you will live happily ever after, just like in the fairy tales. But this is not one of those stories, because this is not a fairy tale… Based on true events, Dark Betrayal tells the seemingly simple story of a young mother searching for her Prince Charming. Instead, she is unexpectedly pulled into a life-changing nightmare of emotional violence, complete instability, and the loss of everything she holds most dear, including her three beautiful children.
Through profound despair and total isolation from beloved family and friends, she struggles with the will to survive. But just when things seem darkest, God is there, lighting up the shadows and leading her back to him…

I’m blessed, to have faith in my God and to have his Grace, Mercy, and never-ending Faithfulness. I’m blessed to be the mother of three wonderful sons, in whom I am so proud of, and forever thankful for. I am thankful for the love of a wonderful man, who shares my faith in God, loves my family, and is someone I have a lot of fun with. I’m extremely thankful for my Mom, without her love and support, I would not be the person that I am today. I have a wonderful family and a few close friends, that I enjoy spending time with. I’m an avid animal lover, and I love my fur-baby Maize, our beloved border collie, and cheez it bestie, that we rescued a few years ago, from a local border collie rescue. I live in always sunny Arizona, and enjoy our trips up north in the tall pines. I love the forests and the beauty of the mountains, especially in the winter, when they are covered with snow. Most importantly I am thankful for my God, without him, nothing would be possible.