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(this package is NOT yet released - but since you’ve managed to find it…)

This publishing package delivers a publishing experience beyond any other in the self publishing world. This is the experience that even authors in the traditional publishing world wish they could experience. Built upon our many years in both traditional publishing and self publishing, we are bringing services to our authors that simply exceed ANY publishing experience from any publisher.

A full literary edit, pre-release marketing tools, highly custom and expedited design and production services, and a full suite of digital marketing gives your book the best possible chance for success in the market.

Constant communication with dedicated marketing and production professionals to guide your experience ensure that you are NEVER lost and that you are guided personally through every step.

This is a “concierge” experience focusing on the 5 most CRITICAL components of a successful book:

  1. Editing
  2. Pre-Release Marketing
  3. Design & Production
  4. Post-Release Marketing
  5. eBook Release / Distribution


Editing is the core of a successful book. As the old adage goes, great marketing can destroy a poor product. There is no substitute for great content, and our Editorial Services are designed to help our authors’ manuscripts become the best possible book, and deliver the best experience to the reader.

(Editing by a Dog Ear editor is required for this package)

- Literary Edit level - up to 75,000 words

In this service, the Editor spends time on structure, flow and consistency. Our Editors work through manuscripts from start to finish, reading each work in its entirety at least three times. They look for all of the typical proofreading items, and also address sentence structure, outline, word choice, flow, tense and consistency. The Editor will add queries and suggest basic structural changes with the objective of improving readability. Next the Editor will perform a VERY in-depth analysis of your storyline, character development, focus, and overall structure. If yours is a business or technical book, the Editor focuses on how well you have communicated your topic and the depth to which you have addressed issues and provided solutions. In a work of fiction or a non-fiction narrative, the Editor works on character development and consistency, stylistic methodologies, and storyline progression. “Traditional” publishers consider this service the most critical to produce an anticipated “best seller.”

- Custom Cover Copywriting / Marketing Copy Editing / Website Content Editing

One of the most important parts of building successful marketing is the copy that will be used on your website and other marketing materials. Our copywriting staff will utilize your Cover Copy Submission and their reading of your manuscript to write strong, compelling cover copy for your book. The Copywriter will also develop the copy to be utilized on your print marketing materials. The Editor will perform an edit of your supplied Website Content Submission.


While editing is the core of a successful book, marketing and awareness are what gives ANY great book a chance to succeed. AND BOTH ARE REQUIRED - if no one knows a book exists, then no one will ever buy it. The successful marketing of a book should start well before the book ever releases to the market. That’s exactly why we’ve built “Pre-Release” marketing services into this package. Creating the book cover, building and releasing the website, Press Release writing, and starting your social media campaign are all complete BEFORE your book releases to the market so that you may begin to build excitement with your target readers.

- Early-Release Custom Cover Design -

Having your book cover available for display give readers a strong visual incentive to purchase your book

- Custom Website Development

Custom SEO Web site including WordPress Blog Feature, fully optimized for Google, Yahoo, MSN and more! The site includes an Author Store Shopping Cart, to process orders and payments, dramatically increasing the profitability of your book

- Press Release Writing

A targeted press release campaign is an extremely effective way to announce the availability of your book. We compose a professional press release that includes the name of your book, a summary of your book and your name and bio. This Press Release is distributed through an online news service accessed by over 4800 media targets, 1400 online database targets (including Yahoo, Excite and Google) and 200 book critics.

An effective press release campaign can encourage members of the media to review your book. The right media coverage can inform thousands of potential buyers of your book. We’ll distribute review copies and facilitate personal appearances upon media request.

-Social Media Campaign

Dog Ear Publishing wants you to be a social media standout. Facebook and Twitter have dramatically changed the way people communicate. As social media participation continues to grow (1 billion + users), so too will marketers’ ability to reach larger and larger groups of would-be buyers based on interests, geography, affiliations, etc. Facebook and Twitter make it easier than ever before to share a message with a large group of people, and do so without a massive marketing budget.


If the words in a book are its heart and soul, then its design - both interior and cover -  is the shoulders upon which the words are carried to the reader’s eyes and mind. The Ultimate All-Inclusive Publishing Package provides a fully custom design and production process from start to finish. From the initial design consultation, to the guided proof passes, this package delivers the experience and quality of traditional publishing to self published authors.

- Design Consultation -

Our Lead Design Consultant will spend time discussing the various options for your cover and interior. They will  review the choices you and your author representative developed in your initial calls, and expand on them for both your interior and cover

- Guided Proof Passes

Our Manager of Author Services will call to review the Proof Pass you receive, working with you through retrieving the pass from your Author Project System and then discussing the various elements you should be reviewing on each pass.

- Custom Cover and Interior Design

Each book receives a completely unique design. We’ll build a completely custom product that fits your topic and book perfectly - or we’ll revise it until you are 100% satisfied. We’ll also include the placement of an unlimited number of images (provided by the author)

 - Expedited Service-

When it absolutely needs to get done quickly - the fastest way to a great book.

Included in the Expedited service. We will deliver the production part of the process on your book in 45 business days. (Some restrictions apply - please see full program details here.)


The world has been made aware of  your book with this package’s Pre-Release Marketing. Now it’s time to push your book to new levels and hit the market with the awareness that it’s now available. Tying directly into the Pre-Release marketing, the Book Release Marketing brings together a number of elements that are frequently utilized in the traditional book market.

- Marketing Consultation -

One of our Senior Marketing Specialists will review your Book Marketing Plan and outline and target actions that will deliver the greatest impact for your marketing.

- Media Release Distribution

We wrote a great media release for your book in the beginning of the project. We’ll review and revise the release, then get it distributed to over 2500 media outlets.

- Print Marketing Materials

While ‘digital’ marketing like media releases are very effective, it is important to remember that many of the ‘old school’ marketing techniques still work very well. Especially in building support in your local market. This package includes the following full-color print marketing materials.

  • 2,000 business cards
  • 250 postcards
  • 10 full-size posters

- Email Marketing Campaign

Dog Ear will create a customized email marketing campaign the delivers the content of your media release, along with cover art and book meta data, to up to 2500 email addresses as provided by the author.

- Video Book Trailer

Marketing-savvy authors are well aware that success in the market is directly related to their ability to create awareness for their book and build demand. A new weapon in authors’ marketing arsenal is the use of video to promote books. Readers will get an amazing introduction and preview of your book with the opportunity to see and hear a video book trailer.

- Kirkus Book Reviews Service

Creating awareness for your book is the goal of every marketing effort you undertake as an independent author. Getting positive reviews from reputable sources is one way to increase your chance of discovery by retail buyers, entertainment industry insiders, literary agents and most importantly—readers.

- NetGalley

There are several ways for an author to solicit reviews for their newest work. Dog Ear Publishing is proud to present a unique platform to generate additional reviews and awareness for our authors called NetGalley. NetGalley is a unique subscription service geared to professional readers – librarians, book reviewers, publishers, editors, literary agents, booksellers, media, bloggers, and educators. The service makes your title available for one month of exposure to these NetGalley subscribers (100,000+ subscribers). Subscribers are permitted to view a digital format of the book for review, upon request. Activity and contact info for subscribers requesting copies for review is sent in weekly reports over the one month exhibition period.

- Bookstore Returns Service-

Give bookstores the greatest possible opportunity to stock your book by offering a returnability option. This program identifies your book as ‘Returnable’ in the Ingram Title Database. This means that a bookstore is able to return unsold copies of your book.

Please Note: Your book will show as returnable through distribution within two to seven weeks. It may take 30 to 60 days for your book’s returnable status to display within retailers’ systems, depending on each set of systems.

- Inclusion in Google Books program

The Google Books Book Search program is often overlooked by authors. BUT - it can have a dramatic impact on how readers find your book and your website. Book Search works just like web search. Try a search on Google Books or on Google. When your book content is matched with a consumer’s search terms, Google will link to it in their search results.

 Digital Editions Suite - eBook Suite

While print is still king in the world of self publishing, ebooks provide both a great boost in awareness and marketing, but also a strong additional revenue stream on the 4 major ebook platforms. This package includes custom development for EACH ebook platform below:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple iBookstore
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Google Play Store / Google Editions

Interested? Have questions? Want more info?

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