Dog Ear Publishing


Please read and sign the following agreement between you ("Author") and Dog Ear Publishing, LLC ("Dog Ear" or "the Company"), for your book ("Work").


The parties acknowledge that Author has entered into an agreement, pursuant to which Dog Ear has agreed to perform specific services for the author.


In connection with Author's efforts to publish the Work, Dog Ear agrees to extend services outlined herein to the Author upon the following terms and conditions (the "EXPEDITED SERVICES”):

If Author meets the requirements as described in Section II of this Agreement, Dog Ear will provide printer ready files of the Work to Author within 45 days of commencing EXPEDITED SERVICES (60 days for a color book).

Dog Ear at its sole discretion will determine the start date of EXPEDITED SERVICES and shall notify Author via email of such date.


Manuscript and materials submission: All materials outlined on our web site and in our Author Checklist must be supplied in a usable electronic format. These files are collectively required to begin EXPEDITED SERVICES. The files must be in Microsoft Word or other file format deemed acceptable by Dog Ear.

If a cover is submitted by the Author, it must be in a TIF or JPG format.

If the work contains images, Author must submit images in TIF or JPG format, at final book size with a minimum 300 dpi resolution. This means your images must be sized to fit within the page dimensions of the book (not your manuscript). The manuscript must clearly indicate placement of said images. Any work containing in excess of 30 images will be subject to Dog Ear approval.

Proofs and Author Corrections: The Author acknowledges that time is of the essence, and confirms that their manuscript is ready for publication with no obvious or extensive errors. The Author further agrees to return all author corrections via fax or overnight delivery service within 48 hours of receipt of a proof.

Any changes to the Design Sample may result in production delays - your Author Services Representative will confirm any change in schedule. Changes in Sample Design may require that the time frame for Expedited Services begin after the Design is finalized.

Author agrees to request no more than one proof pass in the corrections process. Additional proof passes will result in production delays, and Author will not be entitled to a refund.

Extraordinary Services: If the project requires any of the following optional services: extensive design, key stroking, art or image manipulation, extraordinary custom cover design as determined by Dog Ear, copy editing or any services beyond the scope of the original services agreement, Dog Ear will commence expedited production of Work only after the optional services are completed. Manuscripts with either indexing or footnotes are ineligible to take part in EXPEDITED SERVICES.

Author must reside within continental United States for proofs other than PDF files.

III. Limitations and Remedies

In no event will Dog Ear be liable to Author or any other person for lost profits or revenues or incidental, consequential, special, indirect or punitive damages. If Author adheres to all program requirements as described in Sections I and II, and Dog Ear fails to send a proof copy within the stated time frame, Author will be entitled to a refund equal to the amount paid for EXPEDITED SERVICES only. If the Author fails to adhere to all program requirements as described in Sections I and II, then no refund will be issued.

If any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall continue to be binding and effective.

IV. Refusal of Expedited Services

Dog Ear reserves the right the refuse Expedited Services on any project.

If you have any questions or concerns with the terms of this agreement, please.