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Making that initial call to start the self-publishing process is daunting but necessary to begin your journey as an author. Our experts at Dog Ear have created a handy Infographic to guide you through the stages. Our series of blog posts on Your Book’s Journey Through the Dog Ear Self-Publishing Process can further explain the steps you go through as you start the self-publishing experience.

Please feel free to share our Infographic with fellow writers looking to take charge of their book.


An Exchange of Information

Come to the table with information about yourself and your work. Dog Ear experts want to know about the book and your goals. Ask yourself the tough questions ahead of time. Why are you writing your book? How do you want to publish it – a limited off-set print run, an e-book, or a combination of both? How much help are you looking to receive from the self-publishing company? Come prepared.


Selecting the Services You Need

The initial conversation is about forming a relationship with the expert on the call. After they learn about your book, you will discuss the process in detail. Self-publishing affords you the opportunity to take on some of the production responsibilities yourself (proof-reading, editing, marketing) while gaining professional help in other areas (literary and development edit, post edit review). Research the services available and decide if you want assistance in areas you previously thought of handling yourself.


Make the Call 

At Dog Ear Publishing, our editors have worked in the traditional publishing business for years. They understand what it takes to polish your book into the quality publication you desire. Having a fresh, objective eye to evaluate the tone, structure and readability of your work is invaluable. Our goal is the same as your goal; to produce the best work possible.


The Choices are in Your Hands

Taking that first step in self-publishing is intimidating. Knowing that you have someone in your corner with the expertise to guide you through an often-confusing process is comforting.

To have a successful partnership with a self-publisher, keep an open mind, listen to suggestions and admit to your limitations. Strip away your preconceived notions about publishing and discover what methods work best for you. The beauty of the self-publishing process is the choices are in your hands.


Why Dog Ear?

If you are looking for a publishing company that allows you to retain 100% of your rights and helps you craft a professional-quality designed book, look no further than Dog Ear Publishing.

With over 50 years of traditional publishing experience, our knowledgeable staff will be there for you during every step of the publishing process. If you want your book to be a quality reflection of who you are as an author, visit our website at dogearpublishing today and take control of your publishing destiny.