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Amazon Opens Advertising Opportunities to Everyone

Paying to advertise a self-published book can help reach your target audience. The question is, will it bring a return on your investment? Many authors struggle with how to best utilize paid advertising. From available ad platforms (Amazon or Facebook) to expected results, everyone is looking for answers.


Amazon Is Ready for Your Book Ad

Until recently, Amazon offered paid advertising opportunities only to KDP select authors. Today, they have thrown open their doors to everyone looking to sell their books. This is a big deal for the world’s biggest online bookseller. Buying an advertisement on Amazon is the equivalent of finding the one and only watering hole in a desert: Every thirsty soul in the world is queued up to take a sip. Competition is tough.


Targeted Pay-per-Click Advertising

There are two types of advertisements offered by Amazon: sponsored products and product display ads. Both ads are PPC, or pay-per-click, meaning you bid how much you want to pay for each click. Sponsored product ads are tied to the keywords you select, and they show up on product pages associated with those words. Product display ads provide placement of your ad on other book pages. The key for both is that you pay only if a reader clicks through on the ad.


Start Thinking Like Your Readers

Your Amazon ad does put you in the right place to find readers who are ready to buy, but you will need to select the right type of ad, as well as decide when to schedule it and how long it should run. Stop thinking like an author and start thinking like your target audience. Determine what time your audience members surf Amazon’s books for their next read. Pick a photo or cover design that catches their eye. Look for motivators that will get them to click on your ad.


Millions of Facebook Users Can See Your Ads

Facebook is also a pay-per-click system. The cost per click rises as you refine your target audience. Getting your ad in front of millions of users sounds great, but how many of them will click on your ad and buy your book? Narrowing your selection down to the right users takes practice. Consider running different ads targeted to diverse groups, tracking your results. As with Amazon ads, crafting the right presentation to attract a reader’s attention is the best way to garner results.


Amazon vs. Facebook Ads

How do paid ads on Amazon compare to those on Facebook? First, they reach readers in different ways. Individuals go to Amazon to shop, whereas people are on Facebook for social interaction. A person can see an ad on Facebook and be interested but may not take the time to click through and buy. Be prepared to experiment with your advertising dollars to see what works best for your book.

Broaden Your Horizons with Paid Advertisements

If you are considering paid ads, do your research. Decide the purpose for the ads—to sell books, to increase brand awareness, or to grow your mailing list, for example. Design your ads with engaging copy and eye-catching photos or cover art. Develop a list of key words and phrases that can target the right audience. Broaden your horizons by incorporating paid advertisements (with Amazon, Facebook, or any of the other platforms) into your marketing plan. It will be money well spent.


Why Dog Ear?

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