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Want to sell more books? A great cover design is a key factor in piquing a reader’s interest, getting books noticed, and making a sale. Here are some helpful things to remember when starting your search for the perfect design partner.

6 Things to Remember When Choosing and Working with a Book Cover Designer

  • Do Research—Look for designers who have worked on books in your genre. They will understand what interests your readers in general. Check out reviews of their work or recommendations from other authors. Determine how much industry experience each the designer has. Also review each designer’s portfolio—does their style match what you envision?
  • Focus on Your Goals—Do not scrimp on the graphic design line item in your budget. A book cover can establish the look of an entire book series. Keep in mind the audience you want to reach and how you wish to showcase your brand.
  • Tell Them What You Want—Have a one-on-one discussion with a potential designer before making your selection. How well do you communicate with each other? Take the opportunity to ask questions. How many drafts or revisions do you get? Who owns the design? Can the designer meet your deadline? Review a copy of the designer’s standard contract.
  • Share Ideas—Once you have selected a designer, give them as much input as possible. When you share your ideas, you help them understand what you want and reduces the number of revisions you might need. Discuss how you plan to use the cover art—for example, marketing materials, newsletters, and Facebook and other social media ads.
  • Trust Their Expertise—You hire a designer for talent and publishing knowledge. Give your designer the opportunity create a cover based on your information. Offer prompt, clear, and constructive feedback.
  • Don’t Reveal Too Much—Because the goal of your book cover is to hook the reader and make a sale, tease your story with the artwork, rather than giving it away. Keep the layout and artwork simple. A good designer knows the most effective elements to use.

Establishing Your Signature Look

If you have no idea what you want, spend time looking at other books in your genre. Collect photos of the covers you like, and find out who created them. Look for someone who understands the industry and whose talent you respect. The right individual can establish a signature style for your books and can shape how your brand is perceived, both now and in the future.

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