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Polish Your Writing to Perfection with These Online Tools

The hardest part of writing isn’t coming up with the perfect idea but producing a quality final draft. The process of writing, revising, and editing can be daunting for many authors—but the perfect software tools makes the process flow smoothly. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Story Prep—Getting Your Thoughts Together

Whether you map out every detail or immediately jump into writing, staying organized is a challenge. One very popular software for authors is Scrivener, a word processing program and outliner. The program is designed to unify and improve the creative process for an author. Write, edit, and format your manuscript using this one app. Organize your book’s plot, characters, and themes with its virtual corkboard. It is a one-stop application recognized by many publishing services.


Revision and Editing —The Art of Polishing a Manuscript

Think of revision as the art of polishing a manuscript rather than fixing errors. Though no software program can replace the services of a good editor, online editing tools like Hemingway, Grammarly, and EditMinion can get your book closer to being a finished draft. They all offer free versions, although Grammarly has a premium version available.


Analyzing and Correcting Your Weaknesses

Like the previously mentioned writing tools, AutoCrit will spot grammatical errors (misspelled words, passive voice, repeated words, and phrases) and will generate reports from its analysis. This program is only for fiction writing, however. Available for purchase on a yearly basis, it comes in one of three levels (Gold, Platinum, and Professional).

Software to Format Like a Professional

There are plenty of tools available to help you with formatting for print books, e-books, and even audiobooks. Scrivener and Vellum are two of the best known. (Vellum is Mac-based only.) Adobe InDesign, a professional-level program, can be challenging, but plenty of tutorials are available for it. All three of these apps allow you to export finished versions of your book to multiple publishing methods.


Writing and Editing Tools Take Your Work to the Next Level

Creating a polished manuscript ready for publication is no easy task. These writing tools will help you feel confident that the work you send to the publisher is your best work. As great as these programs are, however, there is no substitute for having your work reviewed by professional editors, proofreaders, and designers. It is the human element that allow us to understand the nuances and subtleties of writing, and these professionals are the ones who will take your manuscript to the next level and make it shine.


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