Twitter Strategies for Authors Book MarketingBook PublicitySocial Media
by Ray Robinson - April 30 Twitter Strategies for Authors For many of us, the words “social media” often conjure up images of teens posting on Facebook (WAAY out of fashion for teens, by-the-way… according to teens, FB is now for ‘old people’) pictures of their lunch … Read More
How to Write a Book Marketing Plan Book Marketing
by Ray Robinson - February 20 Written by Ray Robinson, Publisher The road map to your publishing success is guided by your book marketing plan. We’ve written extensively about the importance of book marketing. It’s that old adage of hiding your light under a bushel basket - … Read More
SEO book marketing for your book title Book MarketingCover CopySEO
by Ray Robinson - May 22 I spent some time chatting with an author today about self publishing their book – and exactly HOW to make the book stand out ‘SEO-wise’ on the various online bookstores and search engines (Google Book Search specifically). Creating great SEO book … Read More
What is Book Marketing? Book Marketing
by Ray Robinson - July 6 You, the author, are almost 100% the reason your book will sell. It is your belief, excitement, enthusiasm, and energy that will get readers excited about buying your book. We, however, can be the means by which you communicate your … Read More
Using Book Press Releases and New Book Announcements Book MarketingBook Publicity
by Ray Robinson - July 6 In other articles we’ve talked about how to identify what you would consider success for your book - and how to begin developing ideas for promotion and marketing (see the article here - What Is Book Marketing?). In this article, we … Read More
Guerrilla Marketing and the Self Published Author Book Marketing
by Ray Robinson - July 6 guerilla marketing (n) - The art of promoting your book in ways that revolve around ingenuity rather than money. If you have read our newsletter for any length of time, you know we frequently comment on how a self-published author’s work on … Read More
Blogging is Not Boggling — Book Marketing
by Ray Robinson - May 25 The business world is convinced it’s found a “revolutionary” way to reach customers and create “buzz” for its products… and it has, in many ways. And, it’s something you can use to promote your book. The best part is, it’s really … Read More