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Wrong Way Home

Richard Luers

Pages: 324
ISBN: 978-145751-636-8
List Price: 19.95
Category: Autobiography & Biography
Available: November 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Imagine if you will; a boy in his earliest memories, looking at the World as his playground. Always good at what he liked, and selfishly did everything he could to get-out of what he didn’t. Turn a boy like this lose at 15, and people act surprised when you get? Now in prison; a broken man, trying to pick-up the pieces. While the loss that I feel- is knowing I never took hold of the people that mattered… and really hurt those that do.

Now alone, in a place cram-packed with people. Here, in a cage; while putting the pieces together, I have written a book, that has taken over a decade in the making. Do I tell you this because I’m claiming to be some great writer… on the contrary. School was one of those things I didn’t like, and did everything I could, to get out of it. But, I have written it, as I lived it – and done it in a way I thought not possible. It’s loaded with ‘SEX’, ‘DRUGS’, and ROCK n’ ROLL. Everything you don’t want your kids to do. But as parents, know that’s what we’re doing! As to all you females out there… “I give you ‘Immaturity’ at my best, and ‘Disrespect’ at my worst, and lived to literally kiss your asses – while telling each one how yummy you are. Where as the males, I show you how to go from thinking your ‘THE­SHIT’… to being a piece of! Having gone from ‘Loser boy-friend’ to ‘ Dead-beat dad’. Now I’m a CRACK-HEAD and I’m losing my mind, and doing it… while climbing in your window.

Today, Rich is still trying to find out who he is off drugs, and hasn’t used in over 12 years. I still listen to ROCK n’ ROLL… while the sex? Having gone years and years without – I won’t lie… I miss it. Butt! Mine still struggles with looking at beautiful women, and seeing so much more. Please don’t mis-read this, and take it as some kind of threat. I’m a middle­ aged-man, who looks in the mirror, and sees glimpses of his shine. While the years go by; seeing those that matter… very rarely. So, I give you a glimpse at my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. To one-fine lady out there; as your son, I’d like to say, “Sorry Mom!” Where as a grown man, I say to all the women out there, “I ask you to think back to that movie ‘Message in a Bottle’, and the beautiful woman says to Kevin Costner, “I just want to be close!” Having thrown my girl to the wolves, if l could be blessed for a second time, “I promise to be a good man… to a good woman!” While as a father, who has two young men for son’s, and knowing both of them are good men, in spite of all that they’ve been subjected to, I say to all the girls out there, “It’s your time to shine… and don’t worry so much about that two­ faced mirror!”

Now, as for who J was before I came to prison? You’re going to get your fill of that… and then some. To the point; where you know me, better than you know most ‘if not all’, your family and friends. So, I want you to look at my life as a game of Russian-roulette… and I’m the bullet. Now buy the book; spin the barrel, and put it to your head!