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Peter Hague

Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-145751-845-4
List Price: 12.95
Category: Nonfiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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Wolfhounds chronicles the life of a combat infantryman during the Vietnam War, TET offensive in 1968.

While serving in Vietnam, I took many photographs.
Unfortunately, the M.P.’s confiscated many of them when I processed out. I also kept a journal.
This book of short stories is the first of an ongoing series of my experiences while serving with the “Wolfhounds”. Some names have been shortened or changed. It’s very possible that some who served may not wish to have their full names mentioned. I respect this.
There are some derogatory terms used here. It is not my intention to offend anyone but I feel that if I did not speak in the way 18-21 year olds fighting and dying in combat, that it would not at all seem accurate.