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When My Senses Don’t Make Sense

Natasha Parsakia, M.A. BCBA; illustrated by Dwight Nacaytuna

Pages: 104
ISBN: 978-145754-906-9
List Price: 16.95
Available: December 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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The purpose for the following social stories is to give children, primarily on the Autism Spectrum, a better understanding of what they may feel, as well as providing coping mechanisms or strategies to use in overcoming sensory integration deficits. The social stories were constructed to meet the needs of children with Autism Spectrum and Sensory Integration Disorders, between the ages of three thru seven. Material may be suitable for children exceeding seven years of age if mental age (MA) is less than seven years. The stories also encourage perspective taking and teach children ways to more appropriately respond, so as to get their individual needs met; while being respectful of others.

NATASHA PARSAKIA is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, specializing in children with Autism Spectrum, Sensory Integration, Gifted, Emotional, and Developmental Disorders. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as a Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in Special Education. With over 16 years of experience working in behavioral intervention, Natasha is also recognized as a Lifetime V.I.P & Executive Member for the Biltmore Who’s Who Registry, an honorary member of the National Association of Professional Women, and as Professional of the Year for Strathmore’s 2011 Who’s Who Registry. Natasha is dedicated to collaborating with professionals, using a multidisciplinary approach, in finding what supports work best for those whom have particular deficits that manifest in maladaptive behaviors. She has worked with a team of experts, giving lectures at various conferences for parents and professionals trying to find ways to better understand the needs of and manage the behaviors of gifted students, as well as working on writing a series of short social stories, targeting everything from social skill lessons, to teaching the individual child how to better understand their own physiological responses to the environment, and emotional reactions.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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