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Well Beyond Medicine: Healthy by Nature

Darrel O. Crain, D.C.

Pages: 232
ISBN: 978-145751-242-1
List Price: 19.95
Available: August 2012
Edition: Perfectbound

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Good health is the natural state of the human body. People do not get sick because they are low on pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines. A lack of proper nutrition, a buildup of toxins inside the body, and disturbances in the body’s internal communication systems are typical underlying causes of illness. But doctors and patients alike are trapped in our allopathic medical system, which promotes ever more medications and invasive surgical procedures to solve every single health problem. Drugs and surgery can temporarily reduce or hide symptoms, but they do little to help the body heal. Pharmaceutical-based medicine is now a leading cause of premature death and disability in the United States, which makes avoiding unnecessary medical intervention an important strategy for keeping families healthy today. The good news is that debilitating and chronic health disorders can often be resolved with embarrassingly simple solutions that correct imbalances in the body and restore innate healing. The noble intention of modern allopathic medicine has always been to alleviate pain and eliminate disease. Yet people in our society are chronically ill and growing sicker by the day. Medical doctors respond with the only resources they ever learned about in their allopathic education and training: more prescription drugs and more surgery. The rate of fatal adverse reactions to single drugs and drug interactions continues to soar. The billions of dollars spent treating people for adverse drug reactions—with more drugs!—nearly equals the cost of treating people for their initial illnesses. Prescription drug addiction and abuse is at an all time high, far exceeding all our problems with illicit drugs. Meanwhile, Big Pharma companies continue pushing their drugs more aggressively than ever. Advertisements constantly urge us to ask our doctor if we need the happiness drug, the breathe-easier drug, the bone-density drug, the blood pressure drug, the cholesterol drug, the full-night’s sleep drug, and the marathon sex drug. Suppressing symptoms is a poor substitute for common sense, personal responsibility, and a healthy lifestyle—all of which promote natural healing. The only “cure” for our critically ill health care system is for people to take control of their health destiny and discover they no longer need lifelong medical interventions. A new culture of health care is emerging. The new story gives responsibility back to people for building up their own health. When individuals begin working with the magnificent healing powers residing within the body, the results are life changing. A higher quality of life awaits those who adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Darrel Crain is a doctor of chiropractic, natural-health researcher, and health-freedom advocate. His mission is to share a vital secret: Natural, low-risk nutritional interventions and healthy life habits today can prevent the need for high-risk drugs and surgery now and in the future. Dr. Crain views illness as a sign of imbalance in the body, a wakeup call for people to take control of their own physical, emotional, and spiritual health as well as that of their children. He rejects the notion that life is a medical condition. He believes health is won not through battling disease, but by building up the body’s natural healing powers. In private practice Dr. Crain helps pregnant moms, newborns, and children of all ages with drugless, hands-on chiropractic care that supports the body’s innate healing wisdom. Dr. Crain encourages readers to educate themselves about natural healing and question every single medical intervention—before the fact, not after. Dr. Crain argues that the massive health care problems we face today cannot be resolved with our current system of allopathic medical care. Modern allopathic medicine’s single-minded focus on fighting disease distracts people from their most important task: learning how to help their body heal itself. Good health is the normal state of the human body, organized by the inborn intelligence of the body from one nanosecond to the next. The perfect doctor and the perfect pharmacy reside inside the body of every one of us. In a healthy person, the perfect chemical compound is delivered in the exact proper dosage at exactly the right place with precise timing. Dr. Crain helps people understand why medical care alone is incapable of restoring lost health. There are no magic bullets. Creating health is not a battle. There is no such thing as waging war against cancer or chronic disease. Continued good health is quite possible as we age. The only sustainable and scientifically valid strategy we have for regaining health and staying healthy is to enhance and optimize the body’s inborn ability to be healthy. In order to heal, each person must support and strengthen his or her own innate healing with positive personal actions. Dr. Crain has practiced family wellness chiropractic for 14 years. He and his wife of 31 years, Nancy Teas-Crain, a registered dietitian, have two grown sons. The couple lives on a 25-acre ranch, called Alpine Ranch, in the foothills of Southern California in San Diego County, where Dr. Crain also maintains his chiropractic practice. Dr. Crain regularly conducts public presentations and discussions on issues of natural health and healing, informed consent, and medical freedom. His research articles and editorials have appeared in professional journals and numerous newspapers and magazines for the past 10 years.