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Web of Deceit

Frank St. Onge

Pages: 284
ISBN: 978-145751-959-8
List Price: 15.99
Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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It was 1998, and the US economy was booming. This “new economy” would be impervious to recessions and provide wealth for everyone.
These new Internet companies were issuing IPOs generating huge dividends for investors and fueling exotic advertising, stock options, and lavish offices. The new measuring stick for success was no longer profitability but “eyeballs” on their websites.
Bob Stone is a young marketing professional living on the North Shore of Boston. He works for a traditional packaged goods company and is happy to be there. He’s married to a beautiful woman and has two young daughters. He wants for nothing. Then he’s recruited by Steve Manto, a young, charismatic entrepreneur. Bob is enticed by a big salary, stock options, and a bright future. Manto convinces Bob to come on board, and soon, life is no longer so happy and simple.
Beneath Steve Manto’s charm is an unscrupulous man planning to take advantage of the Internet and make a fortune. Soon Bob Stone is in over his head as he becomes rich but loses almost everything else.
With the help of a television crusader Bob tries to battle back… Web of Deceit mirrors the real Internet boom tracking from mid-1998 and the meteoric rise of Internet stocks through March 2000 when the whole thing crashed. Find out if Bob Stone, Steve Manto, and GoodEats.com survived or crashed…