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Waldameer Mystery Files: The Long-Lost Locket

David Gorman

Pages: 108
ISBN: 978-145755-106-2
List Price: 10.99
Category: Children’s Books
Available: November 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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“Antiques like this locket tell stories of the people who owned them, loved them, or lost them.”

Seth and Julia Ambrose practically live at Waldameer, the local amusement park. While showing their friends Tyren and Anh around, they find an old locket near the carousel. Where did it come from? How long has it been lost? Most importantly: whose is it?

Follow Seth, Julia, Tyren, and Anh as they search for clues, outsmart bullies, and make unexpected friendships. Their quest to find the locket’s owner launches them into a Waldameer mystery more than a hundred years in the making!

David Gorman grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and always had his head in a book. His family owns and operates Waldameer, meaning David’s summers were spent working at the park. David has had several jobs in education in the United States and in Vietnam. He likes schools because children tend to make him laugh and vice versa. David currently lives in Richmond, where he is earning his Masters of Education in Counseling in order to work as a middle school counselor.

Visit him at www.davidgormanbooks.com.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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