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Vietnam Paradox

Rose Thu

Pages: 298
ISBN: 978-145756-665-3
List Price: 15.95
Category: Fiction
Available: December 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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My story takes place during a tiny slice of time in the long history of Vietnam, a country that has witnessed more than its share of conquest, war and bloodshed. The people of Vietnam have also experienced good times, when most lived peacefully, with civility and enjoyed the riches of the land.
It’s a story of love, family, hope and survival in the most difficult of times.

During my life in Vietnam I was witness to both the joy of peace, order and the comforts of a safe family life …and the horrors of war that tore the country apart.

The characters in my story are taken from real life, some are a composite of two or more people, some stand alone. Their experiences of love and hope, or the tragedy and hardship of war are real …and were either witnessed by me or told to me by my family and friends. My story weaves those experiences together to create this book.

The war between North and South Vietnam during the 1960’s and 1970’s was horrific, claimed more than a million lives, and brought many changes to our way of life there. The years since then have been very difficult for many of the Country’s citizens and a large number have attempted to escape to make a new life in other Countries. Some made it successfully, many did not and perished during their attempt.

Everything is a work in progress. Everything is evolving, changing, becoming. Our lives, our relationships, our countries…and we adapt, we persevere.

We cannot know what the future holds for Vietnam and its people, but I hope and pray everyday that the Country returns to the type of life I remember as a child and young person. That people can live without fear, live with respect for each other and enjoy the riches and beauty of the land.

Hong Thu Thi Vo (Rose Thu) was born in Saigon and came of age during the harrowing years of the Vietnam War.
After five unsuccessful escape attempts, Hong Thu Thi Vo made her way to the United States, but she had to do the unimaginable: leave her children behind.
For years, she worked hard to save the money to bring them to the United States. With assistance from U.S. Representative Dave Weldon of Florida, she brought her son over mere months before he would be conscripted to the Vietnamese armed services, with her daughter following shortly after.
Her colorful and fascinating life inspired her to write Vietnam Paradox, her first novel.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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