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Up Against Fate: A Novel

Jack McBride

Pages: 332
ISBN: 978-145752-614-5
List Price: 16.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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He’d die for what made life worth living. The wealthy McFarlin family of Dyer County, Montana cunningly devised an elaborate white collar criminal conspiracy worth billions. Attorney Patton Shaw, working undercover with the DEA, is in their way and they’ll not hesitate to kill him, like they’ve terrorized, abused, and killed others. Patton Shaw was determined to prove that he, not fate, was master of his destiny. After watching, stunned, as his perfectly choreographed life imploded in front of him, he recklessly set out to reunite, at all costs, with the woman he’d loved and lost. Frustrated by fate, blinded by denial, driven by anger, and tormented by guilt— Patton is unknowingly on a collision course with pure evil. The McFarlins had never encountered a man who wasn’t afraid to die. Patton had never imagined fate would give him one last chance to make things right. Readers will absolutely love this fast paced blend of genres.

Jack McBride would prefer to be on a hiking trail with his wife and their dogs or secluded in his office, researching and writing novels, but life often has other plans. After college and law school, he juggled day and night jobs in a variety of professions including: the military, retail, sales, private corporate security, corrections, and practicing law. He feels blessed to have the opportunity, now, to write and is currently obsessed with his next story, which he hopes you will love and recommend highly to everyone you know. He’d like your feedback. You can reach him at jackmcbride2014@charter.net.