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Unyielding Light: The Angel Series- Book II | H. A. West  (Holly A. West)

Unyielding Light: The Angel Series- Book II

H. A. West (Holly A. West)

Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-160844-582-0
List Price: 11.95
Available: July 2010
Edition: Perfectbound

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In book one: The Angel Series (Title: Guardian of the Light): Evil sought after Angela Fheathers because of her angelic influence over her newly inherited family of orphans. Nevertheless, the evil chaos would continually seek to disrupt their lives, neither Angela nor her family would succumb to darkness an uphold victory. Evil lost in that war, and certain it would further initiate strategies against all that represents the right of good.

In book two: The Angel Series (Title: Unyielding Light): Sarah Willow’s suspected she had contracted an aging disease from the last war, but before her age took hold of her inner self, she would by divine direction be reunited with her family, as well as the many other children at Mrs. McFlarety-Randall’s wedding celebration. But those evil temperaments had remained steadfast for a time, anticipating a new strategy called, “The Shift,” which divided the earth temporarily with vile temperaments and mystical wonderments, causing the earth to become clouded an unpredictable for a time. It was evils predications that, “The Shift” would cause pandemonium and force a premature end.

Despite that Sarah had aged beyond her preteen appearance, she would not allow evil to distort her faith or attempt to define her heart. Evil had lost as a result of precedence, because the establishment of life and love had been set long ago. Although, it is said that our world will come to an end some day, it would not have been that day.

Holly A West

This untraditional biography will offer the individualities of who I am and what I’ve become. I have become a person who believes that kindness and a smile promotes joy. I’ve met the poorest of people, and yet they still smile, many are not at all dangerous, but charming and interesting. They just needed a friend for the moment, someone to be kind to them, perhaps buy them a cup of coffee or what have you (as you never know when you are entertaining angels). Rarely, did I get a thank you, but that didn’t matter, because it was my heart that thanked me, and that particular feeling was between me and God. I appreciate the sun, moon and stars and all the wonders that this world holds. I have also discovered in my growing maturities, that life is not just a profession, it’s a journey. I believe, if you take the time and help others, you in-turn, are helping yourselves. Lastly, my books are generally novellas comprised of supernatural elements and what I call spiritual elevations- may you enjoy them.