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These Few Good Days

David Bartholomew

Pages: 114
ISBN: 978-145751-983-3
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Category: Inspirational
Edition: Perfectbound

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The 100 poems in These Few Good Days continue his exploration of the fragilities of self and his own inability to limn, in verse, its silhouette. To the extent to which all writing is failure, as Padgett Powell suggests, these poems succeed.

His novel Male, the Memoir recounts Lydel Overton’s pursuit of an exotic and dangerous stranger after his wife leaves him for the love of another woman. Sad, awkward, hilarious, fraught and ultimately chilling, it has been called ‘a near perfect parable of contemporary American life’ and, ‘one of the most readable novels of the last dozen years.’ [Book Report]

Bartholomew’s most significant work remains his long phenomenological poem Elements of Consciousness in which he meticulously traces the emergence of consciousness from the substrate of sensation, arguing that consciousness evolves to take advantage of free will, a result that precludes the possibility that today’s (or tomorrow’s) generation of machines, with their attendant Artificial Intelligence, can ever achieve consciousness. Philosophical Letters called Elements ‘the single most important work of its kind since Hume’s Treatise.’

These books and the author’s blog are available through his website at bartholog.com

David Bartholomew spent much of his childhood overseas where his parents served with the American Friends Service Committee (Friends). After University in Britain and New England, he returned to Europe and Africa where he worked as a photographer, tour guide, teacher, courier and informant. He lives in Andalucia and raises orchids.