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The Traveler: On Halloween

Melissa Moye

Pages: 376
ISBN: 978-145752-454-7
List Price: 17.95
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The fate of our world lies hidden in the mysteries of our ancient past, as a magical golden medallion called the solar key holds the power to reunite mankind with the gods. Sacred literature, religious temples, and Mayan Prophecy come together in a fascinating tale of ancient evil.
Continuing from the first book in the series (The Traveler: In the Beginning), where Marshall and Bethany discover an underground laboratory and kill the alien creature; they now face new horrors as they learn about the war between good and evil and fight the shadow-demons on Halloween night. Keeping true to their agreement with Angel (the heavenly being that Bethany listens to) Bethany quits her job and pursues a travel nursing career.

Melissa is a registered nurse with a great passion for writing. She loves to write articles and informative books to teach nurses, but her first love is writing fiction. She has created a series about a traveling nurse– Bethany – who works silently behind the scenes with a covert group of individuals, both human and angel, trying to rid the world of evil and of negative energies. Bethany will encounter anything from ghosts, aliens, and monsters; to myths, secret-society agendas, and anything in-between as she accepts travel-nurse assignments around the world. Each novel will weave a tale of intrigue and suspense that is based on factual, historical evidence.