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The Threat to Christianity in the World Today

Miles Austin

Pages: 330
ISBN: 978-145752-337-3
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The Revolutionary War resulting in “Manifest Destiny” will ultimately prove to have been “The Call” of our God for a “promised Land”. After approximately two hundred and fifty years the 90% of Americans who say they believe in God do so without acknowledging any association by reason of the judgment inherent in God’s word involving the salvation of human beings. The Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, The Age of Reason, including the Great Awakening was no match in abating Americans succumbing to the seduction of the “Age of Abundance” during the Industrial Revolution. The book brings to awareness Friedrich Nietzsche’s work entitled the “Will to Power”. The Christian Church, in its attempt to explain man’s failure to adjust to the Truth of God has considered man’s substituting mind altering chemical substances to relieve the stress and pressure of twenty-first century existence in God’s perfect world/universe, as due to Modernism and Postmodernism.

Dr. Austin has been an outstanding factor in pioneering urban social programs for such international organizations as the Young Men’s and Women’s Christian Association of Newark, New Jersey & Vicinity and the American National Red Cross of the Essex County Chapter, and the United States Department of Labor. His doctorate from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey in 1976, focusing on Christian Discipleship, and “treating the human condition” continues to be the dynamic thrust of his work in the Church and in the community. Dr. Austin has been the Sr. Pastor of two different Baptist Churches for twenty years, and is presently Adjunct Professor in Psychology with an intertwine with Scripture at Pillar College in New Jersey. Dr. Austin and his wife Mary, and most of their immediate family still reside in the State of New Jersey.