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The Third Prophecy

Clifton Bush

Pages: 252
ISBN: 978-145752-402-8
List Price: 15.95
Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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The Third Prophecy is a rapidly paced mystery thriller built around the “Secret” of the Catholic Church, kept hidden by the Vatican since 1917. Fascinating characters move through a confusion of people, frightened by words uttered by persons on their deathbed worldwide. “Hearing voices” questions the sanity of all societies. Institutions falter as there are no answers for the frightened masses. A main character, after painful analysis says, “It can’t be a hoax; someone or something is trying to get the world’s attention!” Be prepared for an ending that may shock you. (Don’t cheat) You will love and hate those you meet. You’ll both thrill and chill at situations graphically described. Though historically basied in familiar locations, a touch of supernatural will intrigue. You will not forget what happens here.

Clifton Haggard Bush IV is a fairly normal guy in his early sixties who hasn’t lived his whole life in Indianapolis — yet. Born, raised and educated in the Hoosier state, Cliff enjoys his family and friends, reading, writing and boating. He and his wife own a business in the Indianapolis area. Karen (his wife) retired him over three years ago to write this book. He intends to continue his writing and speaking career while enjoying the many benefits of an active retirement.