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The Rivalry

Brett Stephan Bass

Pages: 232
ISBN: 978-145752-991-7
List Price: 14.95
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The biblical story of Cain and Abel was horrific in its implications, and it would foretell a future for mankind when evil would stalk the earth on a mission to destroy goodness. What began as envy departed from the realm of reason to become enraged jealousy, a jealousy that dispensed with compassion and led to cold-blooded murder. Fratricide… Cain, ruthless in his intentions and deprived of a conscience, killed his arch rival, his brother, Abel. And no amount of tears shed by Eve and Adam could rescue them from their throbbing grief. Identical twin boys, Kyle and Kevin, were born to Elizabeth and John Cummings in Springfield, Missouri, on March 15, 1956, the Ides of March, exactly 2,000 years to the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BCE at a meeting of the Roman senate. A soothsayer had warned Caesar to beware of the Ides, but he foolishly scoffed at the prediction. Elizabeth and John Cummings were unmindful of the event that led to the death of an emperor. Did the birth of twin boys on a day of historic infamy portent another future tragedy? Would the story of Cain and Abel be repeated leaving another set of parents to endure bleeding heartache? Had they consulted a seer on the Ides of March immediately following the birth of their sons, an ominous warning would have arrived to their disbelieving ears, and a word would hauntingly terrorize Elizabeth and John for the balance of their lives…“fratricide!”

BRETT STEPHAN BASS is an attorney-at-law who began his professional career specializing in corporate litigation and appellate work. Leaving an active legal practice to become a business entrepreneur, he retired at age 50 to study science, art, literature, religion, and philosophy, to travel the world with his wife, Rosalind, to hone his skills as a photographer, and to write extensively about a variety of life experiences. He and his wife reside just outside of New York City.