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The PTSD Recovery Starter Pack

Jeremy P. Crosby, Psy.D.

ISBN: 978-145753-175-0
List Price: 19.95
Available: May 2014
Edition: MP3

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Before starting into treatment and recovery, PTSD can feel like a bewildering and overwhelming set of symptoms that are in charge of your life. In The PTSD Recovery Starter Pack, psychologist and author Dr. Jeremy P. Crosby presents the essential basic knowledge necessary for starting to understand PTSD and beginning the process of rebuilding your life in a healthy way. The core message is that PTSD is understandable, and once we understand it there are things we can do about it to get better. Complex issues are explained in everyday language, and the initial practical actions for recovery are described with examples

Psychologist and author Dr. Jeremy P. Crosby is a recognized expert in PTSD treatment and recovery. He is the author of A Mind Frozen in Time: A PTSD Recovery Guide, and The Civilian Life Field Manual, in addition to several audio programs. Dr. Crosby provides lectures, seminars, consultation, and training for professional and lay audiences. He is clinical consultant on the film Searching for Home: Coming Back from War (EC Productions; Executive Producer – Anthony Edwards).