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The Prescription to Reach Abundant Success:
A personal development guide for creating the mindset to manifest prosperity, breakthrough your psychological barriers to success, and live the life you truly desire!

Dr. Amy J. Hymes

Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-145751-388-6
List Price: 24.95
Available: February 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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In the Prescription to Reach Abundant Success, Dr. Amy gives you a step-by-step blueprint to guide you through the process to reach the level of success that “you” truly desire. She teaches timeless and up-to-date success tactics that will catapult your mindset and thinking and take you from where you are now, and point you in the direction of mega possibilities.
In this book, you will be taught how to break through your psychological barriers to success and learn how to become prosperous. You will discover how to:
• Prepare for the level of success you truly desire
• Re-train your brain from the unproductive conditioning of the past and align it with what you desire for your future
• Manifest prosperity and abundance
• Create multiple streams of income
• Utilize the wealth formula to start building financial independence

You will gain appropriate knowledge to take effective action!

What does “success” mean to you? Is it living in the home of your dreams? Achieving financial independence? Providing unlimited opportunities for your family? Do you know what it would take to reach a level of true abundance- and live your dream life? In the Prescription to Reach Abundant Success, Dr. Amy Hymes, a psychologist, success coach, entrepreneur, and educator shares the specific techniques and psychological strategies she has learned and utilized to upgrade her life and become an internationally successful business woman. In doing so, she offers each one of us an abounding journey to change our thinking and behavior to thrive personally and financially. She demonstrates that mindset and the way you think is everything! In this life changing book, Dr. Amy brings together decades of research from such widely divergent areas as neuroscience, quantum physics, mindset enhancement, wealth-building methods, and practical hands on success/personal development strategies. In the Prescription to Reach Abundant Success, Dr. Hymes clearly explains how to harness the unlimited power of the mind by using specific techniques to get the conscious and subconscious mind to work in agreement to accomplish our goals and desires. This book is a gold mine! If you are sick and tired of struggling with your current situation and ready to improve your personal outcomes –by propelling your personal skills to the next level- then this book is for you. The Prescription to Reach Abundant Success will give you the guidance and teach the competencies needed to become an achiever in life. When you are done reading this book, you will be educated, prepared, and armed for success. You will know exactly what you need to do next to elevate your life to a whole new level of richness. Anyone wanting to enter the league of success should give this book a thorough read.

Amy Hymes, Ph.D is a renowned personal development expert and co-author, with the late Mr. Jim Rohn and Dr. Warren Bennis, of the book Yes You Can! Reaching Your Potential While Achieving Greatness. She is President & CEO of HNA Consulting, a management and training company, and a noted success coach and talkshow host. As a corporate psychologist, Dr. Hymes’ expertise involves leadership and team development. She has a strong passion for helping others succeed and specializes in enhancing the mindset, performance, and behavior of her clients via training seminars, speaking engagements, coaching, and personal development informational products. Dr. Amy is a student of human potential and a leader on a mission to assist others with reaching self-actualization. She thrives on providing self-improvement strategies in order to develop pathways to success. Along with being a distinguished business executive, Amy holds a doctorate in psychology and masters degree in business administration.

Your journey to abundant success begins today with Dr. Amy! As an entrepreneur, international trainer, success coach, and educator – Dr. Hymes is your solution to help you to get to where you want to be in life. With her expertise in human behavior and motivation, she uses her in-depth knowledge of how the mind works to train others. Her high degree of poise and vigor enables her to command a room with her effervescent style of delivery. Her message is inspiring and incredibly informative. The teachings shared by Dr. Amy will inspire anyone to want to take action and achieve their personal best! She provides clear-cut endeavors we should be pursuing in order to build the life of our dreams.
With over twenty years of progressive corporate and military experience, Dr. Hymes is a prominent and sought after corporate psychologist and management consultant. Her executive level expertise encompasses a range of business and entrepreneurial disciplines. She has directed the organizational growth of workforce strategies covering training and performance enhancement. She demonstrates expertise with providing one-on-one coaching to facilitate behavior change and goal attainment. Dr. Amy is solution-focused and her strong relationship management skill helps to build rapport and trust throughout any group or organization. She has a depth of knowledge with applying psychology-based interventions to help her clients overcome adversities and succeed in life. Her definite purpose is to inspire and educate others on how to develop a success mindset and live a life of prosperity.

Dr. Amy hosts a success strategies TV show –DR. AMY’s INSPIRING MOMENTS SHOW- airing in the Washington DC area. She is available for corporate consulting engagements; one-on-one coaching, corporate and weekend training events; and keynote speeches on a national and international basis.