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The Pill Bearers: Blackmail is Bad Medicine

Anita Gurak

Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-145753-115-6
List Price: 13.95
Category: Fiction
Available: September 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The downside of blackmail is that somebody usually ends up dead. Rebecca “Becks” Vérité learns just that as she becomes tangled in a web of blackmail, greed, and pharmaceuticals. Becks and her colleagues, Jake, Kelly, and Danny, work as sales representatives for PandoraPharm, a less-than-noble pharmaceutical company. Disillusioned with their employer’s shady practice of giving kickbacks to doctors who prescribe the company’s products, they concoct a blackmail scheme to teach greedy doctors a lesson and make money in the process. The blackmailers initially threaten to expose the doctors’ professional misdeeds, but soon broaden the scope of the blackmail to include something much more personal. The money starts piling up, but so do the dead bodies as the plan spins out of control. Becks quickly learns that mixing pills and blackmail can be deadly. Who is behind the murders? The list of suspects includes the blackmailed doctors, jealous wives, members of a watchdog group, and spurned lovers. Jake and Becks must work together to discover the killer’s identity before they become victims themselves.

Anita Gurak is a former attorney and pharmaceutical rep who has been weaving mysteries all her life. She lives with her husband and their beloved pets in New Jersey.