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The Passenger

Frank Willard

Pages: 332
ISBN: 978-145753-172-9
List Price: 25.00
Available: October 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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THE PASSENGER, my second novel about the Apocalypse, is the sequel to my fi rst novel, CLOUD PEAK, also about the Apocalypse. In addition, I would describe this second book as a prequel because its storyline covers the preceding years of 2008-2021, the time leading up to 2028 and the terrible events described in the fi rst novel—the coming planetary holocaust perpetrated by the coming planetary Reich ruled and controlled by a second Fuehrer and his masses of demonized henchmen and satanic followers. THE PASSENGER, like the previous novel, is an attempt to describe what it would be like to be caught up in a situation so horrifi c, so dreadful, so shocking that all one can do is hide from it, fl ee from it, or perish. And that is exactly what happens to Max and Diana, the chauffeur and his wife, as they begin to understand who Max’s employer really is and, especially, who the passenger really is.

Frank Willard is a student of history and an observer of what some would call global mega trends. In addition, he writes thrillers using the biblical prophecies about the End of Days and the Apocalypse as the backdrop. Frank Willard lives in Southwest, Michigan. His wife is an educator. Together they have a blended family of fi ve children and many grandchildren.