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The New Template For Recovery: How To Quit Drinking and Build A Better Life

T. Christopher Portman, Ph.D.

Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-160844-583-7
List Price: 17.95
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Available: August 2010
Edition: Perfectbound

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The New Template for Recovery is for people who believe they have the ability to make important changes in their lives—including quitting drinking. It is designed for those who want to succeed at sobriety but want something different than, or in addition to, what standard treatment programs and AA have to offer. If you want to pursue a forward-going approach to recovery and to become excited, rather than depressed, about life without alcohol, this book may be the place for you to find the motivation, the knowledge, and the pathway to succeed. If you are drawn to the idea of an independent recovery from an alcohol use problem, know that you are not alone, and rest assured that millions of people gain lasting sobriety on their own. Indeed, an irrepressible body of research finds that many, possibly most, people in successful recovery manage to quit drinking on their own. The New Template for Recovery provides a clear and practical, self-directed guide to sobriety and a better life by the use of a template for recovery that can be crafted and followed according to each person’s needs.
• The level of alcohol use problem that you have
• How to safely manage alcohol withdrawal
• Why you are not to blame
• The pros and cons of AA and standard treatment programs
• The psychological and physical addiction processes and effects
• The foreword-going template model for recovery
• How to focus on the life-areas of recovery that are important to you
• Powerful relapse prevention strategies
• The motivation to recreate your life, your way

T. Christopher Portman, Ph. D. earned his doctorate at the University of Oregon. He has directed both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs and has taught many addiction courses and seminars in the Pacific Northwest. He presently lives in Bellingham, Washington, where his practice focuses on the treatment of addictions and related mental health and relationship problems.