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The Neuro-Com Program: The Secret of Being in Control of Your Future

Gary W. Johnston

Pages: 232
ISBN: 978-145752-389-2
List Price: 35.00
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Edition: Perfectbound

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Is your life failing to reach its fullest potential? Do you want to take control and create the life you desire? If yes, you need to engage Gary Johnston’s Neuro-Com Program, a powerful tool that reveals amazing insights into how your unconscious mind processes information and directs your life. With Neuro-Com you’ll learn how your mind works, how to reprogram any limiting beliefs, and how to design—and live—an optimal life.
Using Neuro-Com’s principles, you’ll understand the influences that motivate your behaviour. You’ll explore how your unconscious mind selects your friends, lovers, and business partners and directs these relationships. And, you’ll discover how unconscious memories from your first five years of life may need to be reprogrammed.
Working thoughtfully through Neuro-Com’s extensive exercises will prove that you can indeed direct every aspect of your life. You’ll understand how and why your mind draws you to certain relationships. You’ll learn how to assess your values and how to create the perfect personal relationship for you. And, you’ll plan your life with a degree of precision and comfort that you never thought possible.
Above all, Neuro-Com will give you a sense of understanding and peace that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your life.

Gary Johnston, a psychotherapist who specialises in trauma and anxiety disorders, particularly PTSD, has a proven history of achieving rapid results in mind-changing modalities. His model of the mind is the basis of Neuro- Com, which is derived from his intense clinical work with thousands of clients over 35 years. Gary also teaches clinical hypnotherapy and clinical Neuro-Com therapies to mental health professionals, invariably surprising therapists and clients with his approach to changing emotional states and thought patterns in minutes.
Gary often speaks at professional conferences, where he amazes audiences with his ability to eliminate phobias in seconds.