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The Nefilim Return Total Change

Clifton Bush

Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-145752-396-0
List Price: 12.95
Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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Total Change/The Nefilim Return, a companion sequel to THE THIRD PROPHECY. The age of Pisces, with many things hidden, has ended and Aquarius, the age of revelation and lightning change has dawned. After years of deception, privation and primordial fear, weary populations struggle with existence. Without hope, the people were perishing. As in ancient times, humans looked to the skies for the gods to save them. The same characters of THIRD PROPHECY re-unite to meet the opportunity of just that…and more! If you like stories of cavalry coming over the hill just in time to save the day or the hero stepping up to vanquish evil, this is your kind of story. A simple adjustment to the human mind is the key to success that good guys will love and bad guys will hate. One simple tweak of our DNA……!