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The Musings of Maria: The Truth About Transsexualism

R. Maria Soto

Pages: 112
ISBN: 978-145752-803-3
List Price: 12.95
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Available: August 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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This book is a true story about a young woman who grew up and never had children of her own. Nevertheless, by telling her story and living her life honestly, joyfully and true to her faith she hopes to save hundreds and maybe even thousands from unimaginable suffering, pain, and in many cases, even a premature death. Now, fast approaching her seventies, the author has written this book to offer the reader just a few, but very intimate glimpses into that life based on love, faith, and personal integrity. Like most lives, there will be periods of darkness and pain as well as times of joy and happiness. You will share in the learning process and come to understand just how this one woman overcame what for so many can become a sad, lonely, and unnecessarily tragic existence. The second part of this book deals with the misunderstanding and seemingly intentional mischaracterization of a very rare medical condition commonly referred to as transsexualism, but often confused and conflated with a transgendered life style. You will come to understand the evolution of the current conglomeration of conflicting and often contradictory arguments used to advance the cause and agenda of transgender rights. In addition, you will be made aware of the tremendous damage done to those very few afflicted with this easily treatable medical condition, by this campaign in the name of the multitudes who desire the right to self-express their own personal gender “fluidity” or confusion. This is a unique and important book that should be required reading for teachers, legislators, therapists and those in the health sciences, who have sworn to “do no harm”. This book is written by a woman who has actually lived this experience, and who has in the final analysis, “walked the walk”.