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The Mountain Belongs to the Remnant: Overcomers Advance the Kingdom of God

Cheryl R. Thomas

Pages: 248
ISBN: 978-145752-536-0
List Price: 16.99
Category: Inspirational
Available: January 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Do you have a strong desire to see His glory? Do you long for His presence? Are you satisfied with what you have of God, or do you ache for more of Him? God’s glory is seen on the mountain where He dwells. It was on the mountain that God shared His heart with Moses. Preparation must be made to ascend the mountain of God. The mountain is a place of death and resurrection, where overcomers begin to understand truth and righteousness, and the application of justice. It is where we learn to be effective overcomers. God is establishing a remnant of people in covenant with Him, to advance His Kingdom in the earth. These overcomers understand Kingdom principles and use them to inherit their promised land. Will you climb the mountain? God promised the Israelites in Old Testament times a promised land flowing with milk and honey. What He was really promising His people was a place filled with Him, a land filled with His Word and the revelation of His Word. He is still offering us today a promised land of blessing, which is Him, if we will overcome all the obstacles that try to prevent us from entering. We can live in Him and understand Him.
We are born as overcomers, but it takes maturing to become effective overcomers. We are all called to climb the mountain of God into His presence, but it is not an easy journey. If we are to mature, we must have the determination and the will to climb the mountain. Overcomers go through many trials on the road to maturity. Trials are not meant to defeat you. They are meant to strengthen you in the knowledge of who your God is and the understanding that He is on your side. In scripture righteousness and justice are often mentioned together. As God’s children we can understand what is always right and just in God’s sight. We can then use the tools He has provided for us to effect justice in the earth. As His disciples our responsibility is to walk our everyday life looking for injustices, to judge the situation according to the will of our Father and with His wisdom and knowledge bring change to that situation. It is God who rules through us if we follow Kingdom principles. If we understand His ways, we understand that it is not about what we do, but who we are. Even as a small remnant with God on our side, we can rule and advance the Kingdom of God in the earth! Will you climb the mountain?

Cheryl Thomas has a ministry call on her life with a desire to see the Church arise to a new depth of understanding and experience in Kingdom principles. She echoes the cry of God’s heart, “Set My people free” everywhere she goes. We must be released from the influence of religious spirits with all the rituals, rules and traditions that bind us. We must hear the trumpet call of God to “come out of Babylon”. Cheryl is an ordinary woman who serves an extra-ordinary God. Her ambition is for others to understand the kingdom principles of righteousness and justice. As God’s people apply these principles to the injustices they encounter daily, the Kingdom of God will be expanded. Her greatest desire is to see a sincere change in God’s people from being spectators sitting in a church building to being participants in the advancing of God’s Kingdom in the earth.