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The Men of Africa

Dr. Bruno Leclercq

Pages: 172
ISBN: 978-145752-922-1
List Price: 15.95
Available: July 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Born ¾ of a century ago, seen major changes in science and human values: Science getting closer to understanding nature and society moving further away. I gathered diplomas, MD,MBA… and worked for money, here and there. The important yield of this life comes from what I did for no money and outside the Academia. I wrote a book in ’70 describing an alternate way of seeing the material world, also supporting the concept of another world. This was supported experimentally by hours upon hours of tests. The superstring theory started to challenge the notions of matter. In the ’90 I wrote six books further developing the first text. They were largely ignored. OK with me. Now I start yet another series that goes in the same direction. There are three worlds: the material, the world we dream and another world. Each new wave of writing supports the early one with many additions and corrections as science brings new data. Well then, my biography is that of an individual driven for 60 years into building a complete view of the universe from creation to evolution, from the BigBang that was no bang, from the animal to the virtual world which is what we know, created by our brain. Most of the conclusions are validated by scientific facts and rejected by the academia. It creates the B-cademia where this alternate world of mine is described. I have wondered for a long time if this work had any value. Follow me: either this world view is correct and science is misinterpreting its data – that wouldn’t be the first time: when I was young the continents didn’t drift! – if correct it is a fantastic discovery, a genial discovery. The alternative is that this view is false. It is still the only model that describes the entire universe. It is an invention, a fantastic invention: it is genial! Will it ever be accepted? Will it make me rich? These are not the driving forces. Dopamine hits when I solve a new problem? Or spiritual drive? When I started the present research, that about the men of Africa, I didn’t see it as part of the whole. When it ended I saw that yes, it is an important part as is gives the material, historical proof that the human male is the important living element that has permitted life on earth to escape the banality of animals to get to the point of creating. The present social pressure to homogenize the entire species as one race and one gender does not fit the evolutionary drive, ‘God’s will’ would the theist say. It is wrong. Strange life, mine; odd biography.