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The Magic Riddle

Sanne Dorr

Pages: 38
ISBN: 978-145753-193-4
List Price: 11.95
Available: October 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Inspired by one of the artist’s sculptures and a favorite song, The Magic Riddle tells the story of a man named Aaron as he embarks on a fantastic quest to find the answer to an age old question. Along the way he encounters a variety of interesting characters and situations. Some of his experiences are happy and pleasant, while others present difficulties. How will he overcome these obstacles and solve the riddle? Just as he is in the depths of despair and thinks he is hopelessly lost, he manages to find his way and not only solve the riddle, but find a higher understanding, and great happiness. Illustrated with whimsical, colorful drawings, The Magic Riddle is an uplifting, yet ironic tale of courage, hope, faith and triumph.

Sanne Dorr was born and raised in Westborough, Massachusetts. The youngest of nine children, she was always known for her vivid imagination and ardent interest in writing and art. She earned her degree in Fine Arts at Boston University and worked as a freelance artist for many years while raising two boys of her own. With a deep and abiding love for animals and nature, she now resides in Rhode Island where she heads up a non-profit organization that rescues homeless pets. Sanne enjoys working with children and teaching them the importance of being kind and compassionate to all living beings, and taking care of the world we live in, hopefully instilling the understanding that we all have the power to change the world for the better.