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The Long Way Home | Bonnie Ridley Kraft

The Long Way Home

Bonnie Ridley Kraft

Pages: 252
ISBN: 978-145750-729-8
List Price: 13.95
Category: Fiction
Available: November 2011
Edition: Perfectbound

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Sylvia Duncan has recently departed post-communist Czechoslovakia to come to Amsterdam, at the invitation of Nico DiCapelli. Instead, she runs into Salvadore San Martín and his motorcycle. Literally.

So begins a long and perilous chase across The Netherlands and Belgium, as they find themselves once again tangling with the deadly and unscrupulous Colombian drug lord, Eduardo Fuentes.

But this time, there is another player in this dangerous contest, Salvadore’s brother, Raúl San Martín. There is no mistaking whose side Raúl is on, as he has earned the sobriquet “la mano izquierda” – the Left Hand of Eduardo Fuentes.

How does Salvadore figure into all this? And will Nico be able to untangle the conundrum before Sylvia once again falls under the control of the drug lord? It’s a long way home, indeed. But some won’t make it home at all.

Bonnie Ridley Kraft was born and raised in the tiny hamlet of Buffalo, Wyoming in the United States. She left Wyoming at the age of eighteen, and has rarely looked back. She was imbued with her love of travel, cultures and languages by her two sons, Adam and Jesse, and this is reflected in her writing. She has traveled all over the world, sometimes for work, but always with pleasure. At the moment, she is living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.