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The Logans in Flood Brook

J. Carol Goodman

Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-145752-044-0
List Price: 27.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2013
Edition: Hardcover (DJ)

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Elegant, citified Papa, Noncie and Florence Logan during Prohibition move from Chicago to a small village in Vermont to cure Florence of Alcohol that she found in abundance in speakeasies.
They are miserable, unfit for village life and suspicious of their neighbors. Who shot their beloved dog on their own land. Were the villagers out to get them? But Florence finds a hidden still owned by a married man. She persuades him to give her some.
Their growing connection was fueled by fear, crippling pasts and desire, as they fall in love.
Papa and Noncie feel they have lost her and their raison d’être. But in a surprise ending she rescues them instead of the reverse.
Florence is whimsical, brilliant and sometimes eccentric.
Noncie is stunningly beautiful, regal and controlled. She longs for a man and a baby and briefly has a romance.
Papa had his own sadness and longings for the love of his life who committed suicide through betrayal. But he also has moments of humor and tenderness and even dreams of a relationship with the blond postmistress.
“Set in the time of Prohibition, The Logans in Flood Brook, Carol Goodman creates a fascinating chronicle of a unique and troubled family with compassion, drama and startling details that keep the reader entranced.”

Sondra Gash, author of Silk Elegy J. Carol Goodman was born in a manse in Rahway, N.J. The manse was in an old section of town and right next to the church was a house of prostitution. Growing up in a very human and ethnic community was a big influence.
She went on to small boarding school in Vermont and graduated from Bennington College already married and with a babe in arms.
After that she raised three more children while continuing to write, sometimes with a baby asleep in her lap. She received three grants from New Jersey, three fellowships from VCCA , Banff Centre for the Arts, Yaddo, MacDowell, and has published many stories in literary magazines and won awards.
She lives in Williamstown, Massachusetts where she is working on a novella and a collection of stories.