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The Little Bucket

Jeffrey Bates

Pages: 48
ISBN: 978-145752-751-7
List Price: 9.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The Little Bucket is a short, artistic and poetic story for children and for the child in all of us. It’s about a Bucket. He starts off full. He splashes his friends. There is no end to his splashing. Until one day, something happens, and he suddenly doesn’t feel so full. What has happened? He has to find out. Children are so full! We watch them and they seem to have unending energy. But something happens along the way. The excitement and something inside gets lost. Why? And so the life long journey of discovery begins. When we tell children stories like this one, they get the feeling for the problem that most of us feel. How do we get filled up? The Little Bucket can help us. The rhymes, colors and pictures will enchant you and draw you in. It will be something that you will want to read to the child or children in your life over and over again. The story lends a helpful metaphor to understanding what is really happening in most of our lives and why, deep down, we still feel lonely and empty. Believe it or not, children can feel this way too. How do we reach them and teach them? How do we let them know how precious they are and how much potential they have? First of all, it’s by letting them know that we know and by reading The Little Bucket! We’ll then have many great talks with our kids. Who are the empty buckets in our life? Why are they empty? What can we do about it? How full are you? Do you seek FULL-fillment? Who can fill you up? What is standing in the way? Who is standing in the way? The Little Bucket can be a companion on your journey, as you and the children you love, ask many questions, have great conversations and discover the real secret.

Rev. Jeffrey Bates, the author of The Little Bucket, lives in Cocoa, Florida with his family. He is an avid poet/reader/writer and firmly believes in the power of a story to change us and give us hope. Believing that poetry and art mediate glimpses of truth, he believes that the truth about our lives is more often “caught” than “taught.” Poetry and art make it possible. One of his favorite teachers, the late Joseph Campbell, once said that “The best things in life can’t be told. They can only be experienced. The second best things are in the talking about the things that can’t be told. The next best things are what we talk about.” This book attempts to help us feel and experience those things that are hard to talk about. Once felt, a new realization and conversation can take place with kids and adults. This book can help us make a beginning. In his spare time, he enjoys biking, photography, designing web sites and walking on Cocoa Beach with his family.