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The Kama Sutra of Poker

Victor Irons

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-145756-613-4
List Price: 19.95
Category: Prof. Reference & Textbooks
Available: October 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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While nobody has been able to determine the origins of the game of poker. Thousands if not tens of thousands of books have been written to help players understand the complexity of the game, the people who play the game and situational positions that players find themselves in on an given night. However for the first time “Poker” himself has decided to toss his hat into the arena of author. The Kama Sutra of Poker (KSoP) is the result. KSoP takes the art of poker to the highest level by teaching its readers the “untalked” about part of the game. That’s how players give their reads and tells away through their personal characteristics. In short, Poker has made it as simple as remembering 6 sexual positions. Poker craftily ties the two most popular past times (gambling and sex) into a hilarious educational book. He also goes back to the tried and true way of teaching each reader how to retain all the lessons. That’s with good old fashion proven techniques of “Tough love” lessons! First, Poker teaches a simple way to remember your opponent’s mannerisms and personality types. Second, he uses a unique way of adding exaggerated “imprints” and attaching them to your enemy’s for the instant recall required when playing poker. Third, Poker walks you through crazy examples to engrain you new found knowledge.
There are no babies playing poker against you so Poker gives each lesson in harsh factual stories. If you’re a sensitive (faggy) person this book will be over your head and offensive, but if you’re one of the few people left out there that likes his lessons spelled out for them, Poker will not disappoint you.
Labeled sexiest and raciest by the United States of America, KSoP delivers crass remarks, stereotypical examples, and very adult rated sexual overtones to get the lessons into your thick skulls. With the new world being over sensitive to every facet of life, KSoP is a throwback book that focuses on your goals. Getting better at poker and winning every time you play.
Ask yourself these questions. Why did my opponent bet the way he did? Can I win every night? Will I be that much better than my opponents? By the time that it takes you read KSoP, you will have the answer to all these powerful questions.
Learning has a core trait and KSoP uses this trait to perfection. Great teachers use these core traits to get their lessons to their students. You must engage your brain three times on the same subject before it becomes secondary to your thought process. Poker has taken the time to repeat his lessons using different stories and facts. Poker builds on your lessons starting with a strong foundation, then strong retention, and finally a strong memory technique.

Raised in Southern California, home of great weather and hundreds of poker houses, both legal and illegal, Victor Irons began his fun-filled life of playing poker at an early age. As Victor grew in the knowledge of poker, he also grew in the understanding of why he beat other players. Now, after years of keeping his secret, he has come out and written a bestseller (future tense here) of the art of winning at his favorite game: Texas Hold’em poker. Victor writes about everything that he’s seen over years and years of playing both cash and tournament games. What Victor teaches in this book is the psychology of the person across from you, not the mathematics or positions that other authors sell. If you win the position part of playing, you win 1/8 of the hands. The math of poker changes so quickly that if you used a super computer you’d still be guessing. Victor teaches us to use the constant at the game… people and their mannerisms.
Having a sense of humor is paramount to Victor, as he has been known to say the wrong things many times over in his long and fabled life. However, even the offended laughed before they realized that they should be devastated by the crass remarks. Victor learned early that if the lesson was going to be taught correctly, it was the teacher’s responsibility to transfer the knowledge in a way that the student could grasp. Victor, using basic psychology, takes his teachings to the two core human traits/faults: sex and gambling! Written to shock the reader into remembering everything in his book, Victor adds hilarious stories and examples to hammer home his lessons.
Victor Irons is a married man with two beautiful adult children. Highly educated in personal goal setting and achieving them, Victor has used his life history and others’ histories to tell the story that every poker player needs to hear if they want to be a consistent winner. During the course of Victor’s life, he took a 10-year sabbatical to study every facet of the players that play poker. His finding are remarkable and hilarious. Players want to hide their poor play, but Victor has found the secrets to helping you see them and making money off these idiots.
KSoP was the finishing touch on how to tell Victor’s story. Using the oldest sexual positions, Victor was able to tie his already humorous stories with the shocking and ridiculous aspects of sex. While Victor wouldn’t want readers to be offended by his teachings, he would be more offended if he held you from the success that could be yours

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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